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March 22, 2013

Henderson County Livestock Show results

Athens — Broiler

1.Cooper Norman, Cross Roads 4-H

2.Cooper Norman, Cross Roads 4-H

3.Jacob Cole, Home Shool 4-H

4.Josee McNeece, Happy Days 4-H

5.Austin McNeese, Happy Days 4-H

6.Dakota Johnson, Brownsboro FFA

7.Maci Mattingly, Timber Trails 4-H

8.Lyn Yourk, Brownsboro FFA

9.Casey Williams, Brownsboro FFA

10.Kaden Mattingly, Timber Trails 4-H

11.Shelby Massey, LaPoynor FFA

12.Matthew Massey, LaPoyner FFA

13.Mega Dalrymple, Timber Trails 4-H

14.Allison Dalrymple, Timber Trails 4-H

15.Peter Cole, Home Shool 4-H

16.Maci Mattingly, Timber Trails 4-H

17.Allie Parker, Happy Days 4-H

18.Kaden Mattingly, Timber Trails 4-H

19.Allie Parker, Happy Days 4-H


1.Luke Mills, LaPoynor FFA, Grand Champion, Hampshire Division

2.Josie Driskell, Malakoff FFA , Reserve Champion, Cross Division

3.Matt Smiley, Brownsboro FFA

4.Maddie Baker, Brownsboro FFA

5.Riggin Smith, Cross Roads 4-H

6.Kensey Feagin, LaPoynor FFA

7.Cole, Surls Cross Roads, FFA

8.James Duncan, Brownsboro FFA

9.Kelsey Hale, LaPoynor FFA

10.Grace Conrad, Cayuga 4-H

11.Landrey Rogers, LaPoynor FFA

12.Garrett Gunnells, Cayuga FFA

13.Jaynie Valero, Malakoff FFA

14.MeriClaire McCurley, LaPoynor FFA

15.Gentry Weatherford, Happy Days 4-H

16.Samantha Sims, Trinidad FFA

17.Tory Grimes, Mabank FFA

18.Haley Terry, LaPoyner FFA

19.Maddison Feaginsw, LaPoynor FFA

20.Parker Brewer, Brownsboro

21.Kensey Cornelius, Cayuga 4-H

22.Haylee Smith, Cayuga 4-H

23.Briana Derr Cayuga FFA

24.Hagen Dowell, Cross Roads 4-H

25.Colby Green, Horizon 4-H

26.Reagan Allen, Brownsboro FFA,

27.Macy Williams, Brownsboro FFA

28.Courtney Wallace, Malakoff FFA

29.Brianna Matero, Horizon 4-H

30.Leslie Sorrells, Brownsboro FFA

31.Hanah Carter, Malakoff FFA

32.Mollee McCurley, LaPoynor FFA

33.Emma Ricard, Cayuga FFA

34.Savanah Calhoun, Chandler 4-H

35.Kaitlynn Raxter, Happy Days 4-H

36.Jake Boyd, Brownsboro FFA

37.Colby Green, Horizon 4-H

38.Paige Hardin, Brownsboro FFA

39.Teaire Hambrick, LaPoynor FFA

40.Kenzie George, LaPoynor FFA

41.James Duncan, Brownsboro FFA

42.Kylee Cornelius, Cayuga 4-H

43.Wade Lang, LaPoynor FFA

44.Landrey Rogers, LaPoynor FFA

45.Kelseuy Bristow, LaPoynor FFA

46.Blaine Brumfield, Brownsboro FFA

47.Maleri McHam, Brownsboro

48.Orin Henry, Cross Roads FFA

49.Rodrigo Duran, Brownsboro

50.Cooper Bane, Cross Roads FFA

51.Presley Martin, Brownsboro FFA

52.Brooke Forester, LaPoyner FFA

53.Mason Mikkelsen, Horizon 4-H

54.Savannah Chapman, Mabank FFA

55.Luke Carnes, Cross Road FFFA

56.Will Carnes, Cross Roads FFA

57.Jessie Rounsavall, Borwnsboro FFA

58.Mati Kirkland, Brownsboro FFA

59.Rodrigo Duran, Brownsboro FFA

60.Madalyn Mikkelsen, Horizon 4-H

61.Cheyennne Ramsey, Malakoff FFA

62.Kylee Cornelius, Cayuga 4-H

63.Tristan Hart, Happy Days 4-H

64.Cherith Mills, LaPoynor FFA

65.Chelsea Shelton, East Texas Young Ridgers

66.Peyton Brewer, Brownsboro FFA

67.Haley Terry, LaPoyner FFA

68.Trinity Goodall, Kickapoo 4-H, Duroc Division, Grand Champion

69.Lexi Houston Brownsboro FFA, Curoc Division, Reserve Champion

70.Kelsey Bristow, LaPoynor FFA

71.Swaide Houston, Brownsboro FFA

72.Reagan Alley, Brownsboro FFA

73.Tyler Harris, Horizon 4-H

74.Shelby White, Eustact FFA

75.Ashley Weaver, Cross Roads FFA

76.Dalton McCurley, Cross Roads FFA

77.Brent Schultz, Athens FFA

78.Bailey Bass, Cross Roads FFA

79.Presley Martin, Brownsboro FFA

80.Hanna Kimble, Malakoff FFA

81.Peyton Brewer, Brownsboro FFA

82.Will Reynolds, LaPoynor FFA

83.Tiara Fellow, Malakoff FFA

84.Zach Jackson, Brownsboro FFA

85.Bailey Walker, Happy Days 4-H

86.Luke Mills, LaPoynor FFA

87.Mati Kirkland, Brownsboro FFA

88.Avery Newman, Cross Roads FFA

89.Lexton Wilson, Brownsboro FFA

90.Clayton Conrad, Cayuga 4-H, Hampshire Division, Reserve Champion

91.Coy Gonzales, LaPoynor FFA

92.Marshall Holcomb, LaPoynor FFA

93.Judson Driskell, Malakoff FFA

94.MeriClaire McCurley, LaPoynor FFA

95.Hunter Lawrence Cross Roads FFA

96.Brenan Kirkpatrick, Chandler 3-H

97.Chad Tindel, Eustance FFA

98.Tyler Johnson, Horizon 4-H

99.Rachel Pate, Brownsboro FFA

100.Courtney Wilkins, Cayuga FFA

101.Jayci Cotton, Cayuga 4-H

102.Madison Alexander, Brownsboro FFA

103.Parker Brewer, Brownsboro FFA

104.Kolby Sims, Brownsboro FFA

105.Matt Smiley Brownsboro FFA

106.Shawn Himes Cross Roads FFA

107.Wes Hustead, Cross Road 4-H

108.Cota Wilburn, Old Cayuga 4-H

109.Megan Dalrymple, Malakoff FFA

110.Kinleigh Anding, Malakoff FFA

111.Ethan Master, Brownsboro FFA

112.Payden Green, Horizon 4-H

113.Walter Pate, Brownsboro FFA

114.Madalyn Mikkelsen, Horizon 4-H

115.Kelly Ashton, Horizon 4-H

116.Shainigue Hurd, LaPoynor FFA

117.Kathleen Cook, Malakoff FFA, Yorkshire Division, Grand Champioin

118.Trinity Goodall, Kickapoo 4-H, Yorkshire Division, Reserve Champion

119.BreeAnna Abney, Brownsboro FFA

120.Cherith Mills, LaP:oynor FFA

121.Jessie Rounsavall, Brownsboro FFA

122.Kyler Anding, Malakoff FFA

123.Blaine Brumfield, Brownsboro FFA

124.Hunter Wilcom, Cross Roads FFA

125.Morgyn, Brownsboro FFA

126.Marshall Holcomb, LaPoynor FFA

127.Tyler Johnson, Horizon 4-H

128.Staci Hurt, Malakoff FFA

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Local News
  • 2726192_300x300.jpg Darin Karl found Thursday on Cedar Creek Lake

    The body of a 42-year-old man who had been missing in Cedar Creek Lake was recovered on Thursday.
    The drowning victim was identified as Darin Lynn Karl of Kemp. According to Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt, Karl and his nephew were fishing near Cedar Creek Country Club when the boat overturned, ejecting the men. 

    April 19, 2014 1 Photo

  • ADR logo.tif AISD approves moving monthly meeting, additional drug testing

    Discussion on meal prices for the 2014-15 school year was pulled from Thursday's Athens Independent School District Board of Trustees agenda but other items were approved that will bring about change in the district.
    By unanimous decision, the school board approved changes to the scheduled date for its monthly meetings; additional drug testing on the high school campus and modification to the graduation policy.

    April 19, 2014 1 Photo

  • 4-19 drugs.tif Prescription Drug Take Back Day April 26

    On Saturday, April 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Athens Police Department and Keep Athens Beautiful will host the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, giving the public its seventh opportunity in four years to prevent pill abuse and theft.

    April 19, 2014 2 Photos

  • ADR logo.tif Feud between Tool VFDs extends to city council

    The two volunteer fire departments in Tool have been dueling for 11 years. The feud between the two departments started in 2003, when the citizens of Tool voted to establish Emergency Service District No. 4. According to reports, this was about the same time the Tool Volunteer Fire Department was established.

    April 19, 2014 1 Photo

  • ADR logo.tif Would Lake Athens residents suffer if city controls water?

    Members of Lake Athens Property Owners Association have been watching the dispute between the City of Athens and the Athens Municipal Water Authority uncertain of how this will affect their future.

    April 19, 2014 1 Photo

  • ADR logo.tif Hot issue

    The two volunteer fire departments in Tool have been dueling for 11 years. The feud between the two departments started in 2003, when the citizens of Tool voted to establish Emergency Service District No. 4. According to reports, this was about the same time the Tool Volunteer Fire Department was established.

    April 19, 2014 1 Photo

  • ADR logo.tif Surplus property to be moved or demolished

    Athens Independent School District purchased property at 404 Royall Street during its March school board meeting with the intent to square off property previously purchased by the district.
    During Thursday's school board meeting, a unanimous decision was made to designate the property as surplus and advertise the home to be moved or demolished.

    April 19, 2014 1 Photo

  • DSC_0077.JPG Taste of Home Cooking School

    The Taste of Home Cooking School was held Thursday at the Cain Center. Hundreds attended the events that was sponsored by Cole A/C and the Athens Daily Review.

    April 19, 2014 6 Photos

  • ADR logo.tif City, AMWA differ on future management of water supply

    The 57-year relationship between the Athens Municipal Water Authority and the City of Athens grew stormy in 2013 because of a disagreement over who should pay certain bills.
    The difference-of-opinion led to the Authority filing suit against the city last December, and the city responding by setting the wheels in motion that slated a May 10 election to decide whether to abolish AMWA.

    April 18, 2014 1 Photo

  • 4-18 Easter.jpg Excited and ready

    Lexie and Isabella Hawkins are excited and ready for the Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19 at 9 a.m. in Kiwanis Park.  Bicycles, rabbits and lots of Easter Eggs will be waiting for you. Everyone is welcome, and of course the Easter Bunny will be there.

    April 18, 2014 1 Photo