Athens Review, Athens, Texas

October 11, 2012

Happy day for boy, pup!

12-week-old Yorkie donated to youth whose dog died

Kathi Nailling
The Athens Review

Athens — A young boy in the little church outside of Seven Points told the congregation about his dog Jammer dying. The sound of his voice was indication how much his black lab meant to him.

The young man, Rand Saxon, also had some good news.

“My mom said I could get a Yorkie.”  With that Rand seemed to feel okay once again.

At Cedar Creek Lake, news travels fast. Sharon Sumrow, a Yorkie breeder from Payne Springs, had heard about Rand and the dog he loved. According to Sumrow, she could not get the young man off her mind.

She knew one of her puppies was just what Rand needed to feel good again.  That is just what Sumrow did. On Sunday, Oct. 7, Sharon, and her husband Dennis, donated a 12-week-old Yorkie to young Rand.

Eston Williams, pastor of the Aley United Methodist Church, arranged the donation to take place before services on Sunday.

Everyone knew about Rand getting the puppy,  except Rand. His father and mother, Mike and Suzanne Saxon, and both grandmothers, attended Sunday services to watch the look on Rand's face, when he got the news that a woman he didn't know was going to donate a Yorkie puppy just for him.

Along with the Sumrows, Rita's Foundation contributed partial cost of the puppy.  Rob Rea founder of Rita's Foundation insisted they wanted to be part of the Sumrows giving the puppy to Rand.

Williams brought Rand to the front of the little church, and stood him on the front pew, while Sumrow explained why she was at the church that  Rand attends with his grandmother.

“I heard there was a boy whose dog had died and he was very sad,” Sumrow said. “I have a puppy that needs a boy to love him.”

With that, Sally Chapman delivered the puppy named Maverick to Rand.

All Rand could say with wide eyes was “for me.”

By the end of the service, Rand had re-named the dog Angel, and told the congregation he now had his new best friend.

“The look on Rand's face was well worth the cost of the puppy,” said Sumrow.

Rand's parents, Suzanne and Mike, were as excited as Rand for the addition to the family. They could not thank Sharon enough for making their little boy so happy.

The Sumrows stood at the door of the little church with Angel and Rand, while members of the church came by to take a look at Rand's new best friend, and to thank Sharon for her generosity.

Sharon herself received a surprise when she found out Rand's father was Mike Saxon. Saxon punted for the Dallas Cowboys for seven years. He played in the 1992 Super Bowl game. Sumrow had her picture taken with Saxon, and got to wear his Super Bowl Ring.

The day was a good day, not only for Rand, but the congregation got to watch a touching moment, and Sharon got to hold a Super Bowl Ring.