Athens Review, Athens, Texas

December 17, 2013

Going green

Murchison looks to add recycling program

Chad Wilson
The Athens Review

MURCHISON — A nation-wide effort to “go green” has been in place for several years and the City of Murchison is joining the movement.

The city received a $2,000 solid waste grant from the East Texas Council of Government on Dec. 5 to be used for promoting recycling in the city.

“We applied for a few dollars more than that but we were awarded $2,000 which we were very grateful to receive,” city council member Ann Boyles said. “There has never been any recycling here so this is going to really be a learning process. We don’t have any programs now, but we are going to. This is going to be a beginning.”

Mayor Deanna Benson said Boyles is leading the project as the city plans to use the grant money for flyers and other educational material. If there are enough funds, the council would like to rent space on one of the large billboards in the city.

“In the beginning we will have to depend on the small town way of recycling,” Boyles said. “For example, our cans now are recycled by the fire department. So we will have to continue to work with them.”

One of the ways the council is looking to build a recycling program in the city is to start a Keep Murchison Beautiful program.

“We plan in January to appoint a Keep Murchison Beautiful committee so that can be utilized in getting this project started,” Boyles said. “We plan to clean up and maybe get a little interest stirred for a recycling program. We hope, when we apply this time next year, to be able to purchase bins and that sort of thing and decide where we want to put those.”

Several area communities have recycling programs, but all vary from one another.

“It seems that every thing in our nation now is going green,” Boyles said. “We need to recycle just to preserve the environment. We happen to be a city that has not contributed to that at all. A lot of others have not, but Chandler has an outstanding recycling program and Athens depends on the company that takes care of their sanitation.”

Chandler, Brownsboro and Athens are three neighboring communities to Murchison with some type of programs in place. All three are affiliated with Keep Texas Beautiful.

While the process is likely to take over a year to fully implement, Boyles and the city are ready for the first step thanks to the grant from ETGOG.

“We are going to do this one step at a time. In the beginning, we will be implementing the program through education and motivation,” Boyles said.