Athens Review, Athens, Texas

April 16, 2012

Grand Champion sells for $8000

Art Lawler

Athens —

For Brett Alexander of the Cayuga FFA, this stuff is getting to be old hat.

Not only was his 1,275-pound steer names Grand Champion at the 2012 Henderson County Livestock Show, it was the second-straight week that his Steer was good enough to win a county livestock show.

A week earlier, competing in Anderson County, one of his other steers, was also named Grand Champion.

His $9,500 check from last week's sale combined  with the weekend's $8,000 prize when his prized steer was auctioned off.

Seventeen thousand, five hundred dollars for two weeks of biddings not bad for a 16-year-old sophomore. 

Nothing old hat about winning  big prizes Malakoff FFA  13-year-old seventh grader, Wil (correct spelling) Colman.

He just started in this stuff two years ago, but his steer this year was good enough to win Grand Reserve Champion, and to garner $5,000 in the bidding process from the auction.

He said he's already getting started with his next steer for next year. Someday, he said, he hopes to be a professional bowler.

At the least, he should be able to buy himself a pretty nice bowling ball with last weekend's profits.

  The Champions of the 2012 Henderson County Livestock Show.


Grand Champion: $8000 , Class 3  —  Breck Alexander, Cayuga FFA,   (Show Weight: 1,275 pounds) ;

Grand Reserve Champion: $5,000  — Will Colman, Malakoff FFA,  (Show Weight 1,221 pounds;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


  Grand Champion Hog, Class 3  (Cross): $3000  — Clay Conrad, Cayuga 4H; Show Weight: 266 pounds;

 Grand Reserve Champion Hog, Class 4  (Cross)  $2,500  — Josie Driskell, Malakoff FFA; Show Weight: 275 pounds;


Grand Champion  Class 3: $2,000  — Garrett Robertson, Cross Roads  FFA:  Show Weight  154 pounds;

Grand Reserve Champion, Class 3: $2,250 — Brady Tindel,  Eustace 4H: Show Weights 152.


Grand Champion: $2000 — Cooper Norman, Cross Roads  FFA;

Grand Reserve Champion:  $2,250  — Joyce McNeese, Happy Days 4H;


Grand Champion:  $1,500 — Will Reynolds, LaPoynor FFA ;

Grand Reserve Champion  $2,000  — Makayla Arnold, Cross Roads FFA;


Grand Champion: $2,500  Class 5 — Tyler Johnson, Horizon 4H; Show Weight 102 pounds;

Grand Reserve Champion: Class 6 — Tyler Johnson, Horizon 4H: Show weight 109 pounds;


 Grand Champion:  $2,250 — Robert Maples, Cross Roads FFA;

Grand Reserve Champion: $1,350 — Adrian Booth, East Texas Young Riders;


Grand Champion: $2,200 — Grant & Brent Schultz, Athens FFA;

Grand Reserve Champion: $1,200 — Brownsboro FFA;


Champion Senior Project: $1,000 — Kolten Sparks, Cross Roads FFA;

  Champion Jr. Project, Karlie Watson,  Happy Days 4H;


Grand Champion: Class  3 $3.50 per pound, Class  3, Trent Harris, Horizon 4H; Show Weight 280 pounds

Reserve Champion: $6 per pound,  Show Weight 278 pounds., Luke Mills, Show Weight 279 pounds.


Grand Champion:  Class 2 $3.75 pound; Coy Gonzales, LaPoynor FFA;

Show Weight: 250 pounds;

Reserved Grand Champion: Class 3 $5 per pound; Emma Ricard, Cayuga FFA Show Weight 256 pounds;


  Grand Champion:  Class 2 $6 per pound; Cherith Mills, LaPoynor FFA; Show Weight 264 pounds;

  Reserve Grand Champion:  Class 3, $10 per pound; Blaine Brumfield: Show Weight 276 pounds;