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December 14, 2013

BISD competes in UIL events

The Athens Review

BROWNSBORO — Brownsboro ISD students competed in various University Interscholastic League academic events on Thursday, Dec. 5.

Three Chandler Elementary students placed in events during the competition.

McKenzie Cox placed second in second-grade story telling, Grayson Epperson was third in second-grade creative writing and Landen Hensen was sixth in third-grade ready writing.

Five Brownsboro Elementary students placed in the UIL competition.

Megan Lee placed sixth in second-grade story telling, Claire McGuire was fifth in third-grade music memory and Rilee Rinehart was fifth in third-grade spelling.

Levi Oliver was sixth in third-grade story telling and Kannon Palafox was fifth in third-grade ready writing.

Five Chandler Intermediate students placed in the competition.

Tony Stringer was sixth in the fourth-grade number sense. George Brimingham was fourth in fifth-grade number sense.

Alex Cuellar was sixth in fifth-grade ready writing.

Kaylynn Girard was third in fifth-grade spelling while Steve Lucas was sixth.

Brownsboro Interm­ediate has the most winners from any BISD campus with 28.

Brianna Gordon was second in fourth-grade ready writing while Alanna Stewart took fourth.

Tanner Johnson claimed third place in fourth-grade spelling while Emily Eaton was fifth.

Emma Barrentine was fifth in fourth-grade number sense.

Allie Cooper claimed first place in fourth-grade art while Susanna Moran and Emma McIntyre tied for third.

The fourth-grade art team took first place.

Molly Fulgham claimed first place in fifth-grade listening while Jennifer Bayless was sixth.

Audrey Lassanske was fifth in fifth-grade number sense while Cody Craig was sixth.

Brenan Kirkpatrick was second in fifth-grade dictionary skills while Kati Bumbard was fourth and Alejo Valazquez was fifth.

In fifth-grade ready writing, Madilyn Essary was second, Jessie Gomez third and Betty Taylor fifth.

Mary Boles placed second in fifth-grade oral reading while Makayla Bishop was fourth.

Angela Hernandez was sixth in fifth-grade social studies.

First place in fifth-grade art was Noem Ledesma.

Tanner Ray was third in fifth-grade spelling while Allee Parker was fifth in fifth-grade maps.

The fifth-grade music memory team placed second while Sydney West placed third in fifth-grade music memory.