Athens Review, Athens, Texas

June 11, 2013

Athens Christian Academy 2012-13 Student & School Awards

The Athens Review

ATHENS — Fundraiser and Event Winners


(Most Laps with a Minimum Pledge)

First Place: Caleb Bomer

Second Place: Landry Johnson & Matthew Runte

Third Place: Kelsey Bettencourt

Fourth Place: Ava Boswell

(Top Money Raisers)

First Place: Zoe Koerth

Second Place: Mitchell Koerth

Third Place: Ruthie Passmore

Fourth Place: Sidney Robertson

Fifth Place: Jasie Weber

Coffee Cakes

(Top Money Raisers)

First Place: Ruthie Passmore

Second Place: Sophie Wright

Third Place: Chloe Wright

Fourth Place: Skylar Fain

Fifth Place: Kaitlin & Kole Costlow

Book Fair Gummy Worms Jar Contest

Winner: Ryleigh Smalley

Henderson County Food Pantry Drive

(Most Canned Goods Per Student Average)

First Place: Jennifer Clarke & Kindergarten

Warriors' Car Show

(Candy Top Sellers /M&F)

First Place: Jared Millar & Morgan Carpenter

(Cookie Dough Top Sellers/M&F)

Winners: Kole Costlow & Kalan Maple

Student Competitions

East Texas Academic Rodeo

(Kinder Critters)

First Place: Shelby Akin

Third Place: Shiloh Peckham

Honorable Mention: Rachel Richardson

Honorable Mention: Bree Skiles

(Art/First Grade)

Third Place: Lexie Akin

(Art/Third Grade)

Honorable Mention: Kole Costlow

(Art/Fourth Grade)

Third Place: Logan Warnock

(Art/Sixth Grade)

Honorable Mention: Caitlin Bomer

Honorable Mention: Madison Fowler

(Mindset/Elementary Team)

Finalists & Third Place: ACA

Caleb Bomer, Gracie Carpenter, Gage Hardin, Landry Johnson, Aidan Kocian, Jared Millar, & Ryleigh Smalley

(Mindset/Middle School)

Finalists & First Place: ACA

Caitlin Bomer, Gracey Browning, Morgan Carpenter, Madison Fowler, Sierra Graves, Ashley Loflin, & Tran Nguyen

(Spelling/Second Grade)

First Place: Matthew Runte

(Writing/Fourth Grade)

Second Place: Zoie Morrel

(Writing/Sixth Grade)

Second Place: Caitlin Bomer)

Hope Springs Water Art Contest

(Art/4th Grade)

First Place: Gage Hardin

Second Place: Logan Warnock

Third Place: Kindl Graves

(Art/5th Grade)

First Place: Chloe Wright

Second Place: Jared Millar

Third Place: Gracie Weatherby

(Art/Sixth Grade)

First Place: Madison Fowler

Second Place: Caitlin Bomer

Third Place: Madilyn Jones

Daughters of the Republic of Texas History Essay Contest/Jose Antonio Navarro Chapter

(Essay/Fourth Grade)

First Place: Gage Hardin

Daughters of the American Revolution History Essay Contest/Daniel McMahon Chapter

(Essay/Fifth Grade)

First Place: Skylar Fain

(Essay/Sixth Grade)

First Place: McKenna Kasnetz

Sons of the American Revolution History Poster Contest/Athens Chapter

(Poster/Fourth & Fifth Grade)

First Place: Zoie Morrel

Second Place: Chloe Wright

Third Place: Samuel Clarke

Duke University's Talented Identification Program

(Nominees/4th Grade)

Savanna Anderson, Caleb Bomer, Annabella Clarke, Samuel Clarke, Kindl Graves, Gage Hardin, Landry Johnson*, Aidan Kocian*, Zoe Koerth, Zoie Morrel, Robert Richardson*, Logan Warnock, & Matthew Witten

(Nominees/5th Grade)

Kelsey Bettencourt*

* Current Members

Academic & School Awards

A Honor Roll Students for the Year

(1st Grade)

Lexi Akin, Ali Beth Clarke, Aidan Logan, Ruthie Passmore, Sidney Robertson, & Kestlin Turnage

(2nd Grade)

Ava Boswell, Chloe Murlin, Weston Rogers, & Matthew Runte

(3rd Grade)

Gracie Carpenter, Anthony Mansfield, & Emma Stapper

(4th Grade)

Caleb Bomer, Gage Hardin, Aidan Kocian, Zoe Koerth, & Logan Warnock

(5th Grade)

Kelsey Bettencourt & Skylar Fain

(6th Grade)

Caitlin Bomer, Gracey Browning, Morgan Carpenter, Madison Fowler,

Sierra Graves, Madilyn Jones, Ashley Loflin, & Tran Nguyen

A/B Honor Roll Students for the Year

(1st Grade)

Zachariah Graham, Bella King, & Mitchell Koerth

(2nd Grade)

Journey Griffin & Nevaeh Salinas

(3rd Grade)

Kole Costlow & Kaci Wallace

(4th Grade)

Annabella Clarke, Samuel Clarke, Kindl Graves, Landry Johnson, Zoie Morrel, Robert Richardson, & Matthew Witten

(5th Grade)

Jared Millar & Chloe Wright

(6th Grade)

Kaitlin Costlow

Perfect Attendance Students for the Year

(4th Grade)

Zoe Koerth & Zoie Morrel

(5th Grade)

Chloe Wright

Christian Character


Jasie Weber

(1st Grade)

Lexi Akin

(2nd Grade)

Ava Boswell

(3rd Grade)

Gracie Carpenter

(4th Grade)

Zoe Koerth

(5th Grade)

Chloe Wright

(6th Grade)

Gracey Browning

Pine Cove Christian Camp Scholarship

(6th Grade)

Gracey Browning

CSAC Sports

Storm Warrior Soccer

(MVP Offense)

Micah Santelli

(MVP Defense)

Gavin Hardin

(Best Spirit)

Caleb Graham

Storm Warrior Basketball


(MVP Offense)

Madison Fowler

(MVP Defense)

Tran Nguyen

(Best Spirit)

Gracie Browning

Girls' Team Won 2nd Place in the Paris Invitational Middle School Tournament


(MVP Offense)

Micah Santelli

(MVP Defense)

Caleb Graham

(Best Spirit)

Jared Millar

Boys' Team Won 2nd Place in the Paris Invitational Middle School Tournament

Congratulations to all of our students listed here as well as those who won participant, good, excellent, and superior ribbons or trophies throughout this year!